Glory Worship Church is Pentecostal church based in Liverpool. We create a spiritual and fun-filled environment where people can worship God freely and have fellowship with other Christians alike.


Brief History of Glory Worship Church

The church started on 1st March 2015. We began having fellowships on the top floor of a shop in Everton before moving to Queens road community centre in Bootle. We faced eviction as the community centre was being closed by the council. We then moved the fellowship to pastor’s home. It was from here we decided to look for a place we could call our own for a while. We then found an abandoned garage on Haigh street which we converted into a church building.

What we believe

We believe in the Holy Trinity of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We believe that man was created to have fellowship with God. Since the fall however, man’s life is marked by sin and guilt, fear and misery, disease and death. Man has gone astray, is lost, and separated from God. There is only one way to find salvation, to have inner peace and to live a life that has real meaning. It is Jesus Christ, the way, the truth and the life.

We believe in the incarnation of God’s Son, his vicarious death on the cross, his victorious resurrection, his ascension and his return in power and glory. We believe in the indwelling of Jesus in the believer by the Holy Spirit, who leads man to repentance, to a change of heart and to a new life. We believe in the final judgement, eternal life in heaven or hell as the Scriptures say. It is only by faith in Jesus Christ that man can enter into fellowship with God and with all those who share this faith.


Reasons People Don’t Go To Church